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Presentation of expenses

All Members of the European Parliament receive a monthly salary of 8.995,39 EUR. After deduction of the EU community, tax and accident insurance 7,011.74 EUR. In addition, all MEPs receive daily allowances of 324 EUR if they are working physically in the Parliament. This is to cover additional costs of accommodation and meals during the stay in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Expenses for Personnel: Each MEP also has available a monthly staff budget of 25620.00 EUR. This money is spent on the salaries and social insurance contributions for parliamentary assistants. In addition, this budget covers the costs of the business trips of the staff to Brussels and Strasbourg, as well as their training.

Office Costs: MEPs receive an average of 4525.00 € per month to cover their general expenses. We Greens have often made it clear that the use of the general expenditure allowance is not transparent enough. That is why we have repeatedly supported motions calling for a revision of the regulations. However, since there has been no proposal to revise these regulations so far, the Greens/EFA have made a voluntary commitment for the future, to deal transparently with the money from the general allowance budget line.

You can access the self-commitment here.